ITL EP. 03 - The Doc, and a theory about orientation

If it weren't for cancer, I would not have met a man I call "the doc." It is an interesting paradox - to endure something so difficult, but having been given such priceless gifts as a part of that process. Incredible really.

The doc is a traditional Tibetan physician. Tibetan medicine is thousands of years old and based in Buddhism. It focuses on the complete human system with the intention of balancing the whole person in order to bring about healing. Of course, this is a very basic definition and Tibetan medicine is much more complex, nuanced and requires easily as much education as western medicine in order to practice. If you are interested in learning more about Tibetan medicine I find THIS WEBSITE to be very informative and will include a list of the books I recommend on the subject below.

In this episode of An Illness Threatening Life I discuss a theory that has been emerging as I concept map around my relationship with the doc over the last 6+ years. I also tell stories of course and if you are interested in knowing more about my cancer journey, or the human experience of having breast cancer in our modern world, this storytelling might be a good start. I should warn you though, these aren't easy stories to tell and may not be easy to listen to either. But that likely means they are the most important.

Dr. Lobsang Dhondup is, in my view, the medicine Buddha. And he has taught me so many valuable lessons since my first meeting with him - lessons that span my understanding of my own existence, through my understanding of the universe. Micro - macro. Still, there is so much to learn and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to have him as my teacher and my friend.

I hope this episode will start to shift your perspective about the way you orient yourself in the world. And perhaps it will also help you to shine a light on the possibility that many of our institutions are oriented in ways that may not be serving us, if you haven't been thinking about that already. I also hope this first episode about the doc will set the foundation for a series of episodes about this incredible man and the profound work he is doing in a modern world that desperately needs healing, from the root.

Thanks for tuning in, y'all! Catch you in the waves!

Recommended reading for digging in:

Taming the Tiger, Akong Rinpoche

Tibetan Book of Living & Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche 

Spiritual Medicine of Tibet, Dr Pema Dorjee

Principles of Tibetan Medicine, Dr Tamdin Sither Bradley