The 5 Koshas - a perspective on the layers of being human

I've been studying Vedic (yoga) philosophy for long enough that I have internalized and embodied certain concepts. I tend to gravitate towards ideas that are simple, relatable and helpful for understanding my own existence and the experience of the lives around me.

The vedic concept of the 5 koshas is with me and I love to teach it. I liken the koshas to the Russian dolls that showed up under the Christmas tree in my childhood home. And I have used that metaphor to teach the concept to a wide range of audiences - from asana (posture) focused adults to unruly 7th graders for many years. The Koshas teach us about the layers of human existence through the vehicle of our 5 bodies.

Physical. Energetic. Mental/Emotional. Spiritual. Joy.

Of course there are many theories and teachings across history creating the fabric of this 4000 year old concept. But my take on it is simple and straightforward. There may be smarty pants yogis that will challenge the details, but I encourage you to take in the larger feeling of the thing.

In this podcast episode I tell the metaphorical story of Russian dolls and the layers of human existence - the 5 Koshas. If you aren't familiar, I hope you'll find a new perspective on the way you inhabit yourself and the space you share with others. If you are familiar, I aim this episode at your ability to reconnect the concept of the Koshas, in whatever way you do.

Catch you in the tubes, y'all.

Tonia CrosbyComment