John Martinez - shamanism and the spine

I call John Martinez my shamanic chiropractor. I've never met anyone like him, he is a true master. He is so damn smart that I often find myself listening to what he is saying with hopes that my subconscious is soaking up the wisdom. All the while my conscious mind is giggling at how completely lost I am.

I first went to see John after my mom passed away. With an old spinal injury in my lumbar spine and having carried ma to and from the bathroom for months, I could barely take a step without experiencing excruciating pain in my lower back.  As a young yoga studio owner, that put me in a rough spot and in need of saving. My first experience on his table was intense to say the least. And although I was practically paralyzed, gasping in pain, and thinking I had made a mistake, his mystic demeanor and message about staying with the sensations and listening energetically to my body, kept me in his care.

Not only did John save me from that nightmare flare up of my spondyloslisthesis, but when it came time to face the Big C situation again, he engaged me in conversations about healing that helped me get on the trajectory I am on now. He never pretends that it will be easy, he always challenges my valuation of pain - which I have desperately needed - and he is always kind. There are times when I am afraid to walk into his office because I know I am holding something close to the surface and he will be the one to dislodge it. On those days, he puts on a groovy playlist and asks me to trust him. And finally, I do. 

John not only serves the Denver community in his clinic Pneuma Chiropractic in Five Points, he lives/works in one of the most beautiful parts of Colorado and takes regular service trips to Mexico to teach a range of students in his potent style. John represents the kind of wellness practitioner that makes both a promisingly wide, and uniquely individual impact. I'm thrilled to take the drive to Ridgeway next month to talk with him about his work and perspectives on health. And then to share that conversation with you!

We will catch you on the lines y'all!

Tonia Crosby