ITL EP. 01 - the teaser

When I was a little girl I won young author's awards year after year and knew without a twinge of uncertainty that I would be a journalist when I grew up. I ogled at National Geographic and imagined myself traveling all over the world taking beautiful photos and telling stories about all the things in the world outside of my sometimes difficult bubble. I was spellbound in my high school photography class, eh hem, long before digital, and then enrolled in Journalism 101 as a freshman in college. I also took up booze and a wanting for pretty things, and men who made me feel good about myself that year. So, when my journalism instructor gave me a D for Discouragement, I changed my major to business. Ho hum, status quo.

It's funny how quickly we will let our dreams go. I find that fascinating, especially as I come back to one of mine after redefining my life so many times over.

The truth is, I'm not entirely sure how to do this.  I'm a complete loss on the technology side of things. Audio equipment, wi-fi photography, RSS feeds and SEO shit - I have no idea. But I know the content well.

This teaser episode is about the contribution I pray to make at this time in my precarious life, and in our global condition. Simply put, these are the central themes I intend to explore in this storytelling project.

Here is a list of the online content I mention in the podcast if you want to start digging the rabbit hole.

Anne Lamott and her book Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith


Matt G Funkmaster Show - the producer of my groovy intro and outro music.

Thanks so much for engaging, y'all! Catch you in the tubes.