ITL EP. 05 - the war metaphor

I've been geeking out! Which feels pretty great, but has also taken me down yet another road. Sometimes I say I have educational ADD - it's so true. But regardless of how I ended up here, I have crafted another Illness Threatening Life Podcast episode that I believe is really important for shifting our paradigms and helping us to live in more meaningful ways - primarily through awareness.

The war metaphor is used across culture in countless ways and it is undeniably embodied and engrained in our lives through our language. And as interesting as that is, the question really comes to whether or not that even matters.

Well y'all, indeed it does. 

In ITL EP. 05 I explore the metaphor of war - how it is molding the way we think, seek information and behave. And this isn't just anecdotal storytelling, I talk about a whole lot of interesting science here as well! 

This conversation starts with the concept of "allyship" and my problematic relationship to the semantics of it, then goes on to explore the impact of metaphorical language in our society. Then there's a cool little history lesson and most personally, a conclusion that focuses on the War on Cancer metaphor and how dangerous it is, not only for folks experiencing cancer, but for the ways we seek to resolve it.  

I find this conversation absolutely fascinating and a deeply valuable place for expanding our awareness. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed crafting it in the wee hours of the morning in my raspy bedroom voice. You can dig in deeper using the links below. Catch you in the metaphorical webs, y'all!

What is Allyship? 

James Geary TED Talk: Metaphorically Speaking

JoAnne Brown and Matters of Life and Death: Political Hygiene and Historical Memory in the United States, 1865-1945." 

Germ Theory

Stanford Study about the impacts of describing crime as metaphor 

A list of commonly used language in the war metaphor