ITL EP. 10 - intuition and online dating


This is a photo taken of me on my 41st birthday. One of the first times I have seen a reflection of myself in many years where I feel like I'm beautiful. It's a hard road out here for a single one-breasted chic. And yet, I don't feel bad. I feel hopeful and curious.

Let me just say, in listening to this episode before I sent it out on the waves, I realized that I mention Rust and Bone, a French film released in 2012, as if it is an after thought. Let me be clear, it is the most deeply connected experience I had in making this episode. It's part of my conversation with Source and it's fucking beautiful. If you feel like you don't deserve love for any reason, watch this film. Now. Anyhoo...

About 6 weeks ago I told you a story about being assaulted by Dr. Creep. You can listen to that episode if you haven't yet (ITL EP 09 - #metooRX) to give you some context because I will catch you up on the saga in this Illness Threatening Life episode. I will also tell you about a wacky delivery I got in the mail amidst dealing with that situation and how it got me thinking about intuition and our connection to the ethereal realm. But more, why we don't dig deeper in those spaces in our existence - why don't we work at a societal level honing the skills that make us intuition or connect us to signs and symbols from a universal force? I'm so curious about that. So, there are some resources that I refer to below that will help you dig deeper into that question.

And alas, you'll hear me talk about my online dating experience, and how it feels connected to this lack of deeper living in our culture. Of course, my experience is only mine, but as the universe will do, I was given a lot of insight about the surface level dating game and the lack of romantic partners that can look past my tits (or lack of) in order to get to know me. It's fascinating.

As always, I encourage you to look for ways to shift your paradigms, grow your awareness, and live a more meaningful life despite the adversity that this wacked-out world throws your way.

I love you. See you in the tubes! 

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Rust and Bone.

Paranormal Phenomenon Opposing Viewpoints

The Clairvoyant Path - Michelle DesPres

Melanie Klein and The Yoga and Body Image Coalition

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