ITL EP. 04 - more teasing

Part of living an Illness Threatening Life is learning how to give ourselves space when we need it without disengaging entirely. I used to believe that was impossible - like somehow in order to get space I had to detach. Such limited thinking! So ITL EP. 04 - more teasing - is my way of giving myself some space whilst staying engaged.


I am doing all the things y'all! And the lion's share of my attention is in bhavanaKIDS (learn more below) because, well, it deserves it. What that means for ITL is that I don't have the time to create a well-crafted story board and produce a professionally edited podcast episode this week. And I was beating myself up thinking that meant I wouldn't release ITL at all. But then the "I don't think inside the damn box" Tonia showed up and reminded me that I have a lot of things to share and that I should just do that. 

And so, I've created another sort of ITL teaser episode where I also talk about important things and amazing people. Essentially, you will learn about the cool things I'm doing despite the BIG C and the podcast episodes that are in the works. And as an added bonus, I talk some shit and start some uncomfortable conversations that might ruffle some feathers. So that's spicy!

Below you will find links to all the cool folks and projects I talk about in ITL EP. 04 - more teasing - so you can dig deeper if you are so called.

Catch you in the astral plane, y'all!


Dustin Sharp

Kendra Malone

Teo Drake

Off the Mat into the World

Laura McKowen

Tuesdays with Tonia at RiNo Yoga Social

Tonia Crosby