ITL EP. 09 - #metooRX


For months, since the Alyssa Milano #me too campaign broke (as opposed to the campaign that Tarana Burke began ten years ago, which is another topic all together), I have been trying to kick out an ITL episode about it. I was in Germany when the Weinstein story broke and the #metoo hashtags started to flood the internet. So fortunate for me, I was with a dear friend and we were able to process together. You know what we talked about most? The countless personal experiences we had both had in rape culture - from the thousands of incidents of street harassment to times when we had chosen not to confront sexual abuse by boyfriends. And all the times we had endured gendered violence on the spectrum in between. It was re-traumatizing. It was cathartic. It was infuriating. And it was hopeful.

#metoo is not a newsflash, y'all. Maybe it's transformative for women in as much as it has created space for them to openly talk about the suffering they have endured. And maybe it has even helped men see something that they were unable to see because, well, it doesn't hurt them.  But in reality, pervasive #metoo culture is not news to women and other vulnerable folks. We've been living in it our whole fucking lives. We carry the burden. Of course we know how bad it is. Shocker.

You know what would be revolutionary? If my newsfeed was filled with perpetrators and those who have directly and indirectly participated in rape culture taking responsibility. But no. The silence is deafening. 

With all of that said, last week I was assaulted in a doctor's office. Here's the story. Here's my anger. Here's my exhaustion. Here is the truth, even though I know intuitively, and because I have lived in the culture of gendered violence my whole life, that doctor will deny it. 

But I'm going the distance. I'm over this shit and if there is anything I can do to summons my strength and keep this from happening to others, I'll do it. Starting here. 

ITL EP. 09 - #metooRX - See you in the tubes.

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Y'all, this is only a tiny sliver of the things I have read and researched about this topic. It is vast and horrifying. If you still don't understand, keep digging. I love you.