ITL EP. 08 - chop wood, carry water


No excuses. Well, some. Please forgive the delay in releasing this most recent Illness Threatening Life Podcast Episode. This EP may not be the intellectual work that you might be used to but it does feel important. As it seems, a lot of people are suffering - at least the ones who are reaching out to me. So, while I'm busy working on some socio-political episodes about the #metoo phenomenon (actually not a news flash y'all) and the very real issue of toxic masculinity (with a loving focus on men), I am releasing ITL EP. 08 in an effort to support the folks who are struggling.

Among the questions I am asked most when folks reach out about their troubles is about how I am able to do this - "this" meaning living a meaningful, happy life despite cancer. So, this episode is about how I'm doing that. And the answer is simple. I stack wood and carry water. A life of presence, awareness of process, and constant meditation on gratefulness are my magic y'all. There is a spiritual connectedness and physiological stress reduction that happens as a result of living this way. It is making all the difference. It doesn't mean I'm not flawed, I fuck up all the time. But generally, living my life this way has been the key to my healing and happiness. You can have it too. But you'll have to choose it, if you have not already.

You'll also get information about my cancer status if you've been wondering about that - and maybe a bit of feedback on the "how are you feeling" questions I keep getting that I hope you'll consider. 

I love you. Thank you for joining me in the webs, I'm sorry I've been away so long.